Project Arzoo, Pakistan

Pakistan’s healthcare is poor and unacceptable at best.

What is worse is the inherent ramifications that abysmal healthcare is continuing to have on the country’s future generations.

This is why Project Arzoo has come into being.

The manifesto of Project Arzoo is clear and simple – to bring better healthcare and education opportunities to the children of Pakistan.

For a country that has long been struggling under the paramount weight of government corruption and a slowly developing economy, poverty is rife and on the continual rise.

Parents can no longer provide their children with the basic necessities that every child deserves – good health and a decent education. And that is where Project Arzoo steps in.

Working alongside the Children’s Hospital and the Institute of Child Health, Lahore, ‘Arzoo’ charity workers (through donations from some of the better privileged individuals out there) will offer the necessary funds to pay for the treatments of hundreds of helpless children.

Once treated, these children can then at least have the opportunity to better their own future through improved educational opportunities and a new grasp on life.

You can read more on the Project’s aims on their website:

“All in all I want peace, liberation, tolerance and equal opportunities for all human beings and that is what Arzoo captures with a hole-in-one. It is the empowerment of disadvantaged and neglected individuals in Pakistan; ideals that my country was once founded upon.”

Co-founder, Shiza Khan


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